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            2. Fiber Glass Wool Felt


              Density Tolerance (%) 8.3
              Density 10-150kg/m3, thickness 25-200mm
              Average diameter of fiber mm ≤8
              Factor of heat conduction W/m·k  0.030-0.044
              Inflammable property  Inflammable
              Hydrophobic coefficient % ≤98
              Service temperature°C 120°C-400°C
              Organism% ≤4
              Slag ball % ≤0.3
              Water% ≤1.0
              Water absorption coefficient % ≤1.5


              Fiber glass wool as sound & heat insulation materials, for an extensively application, like airport, power station, family buildings etc.

              1.Heat preservation for steel structure building.

              2.Heat insulation for wall and roof of house to save energy.

              3.For indoor partition wall, Train compartment.

              4.For cool-making and high buildings required to be fireproof, heat resistant.