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            2. OU SONG ® Oriented Strand Board

              Oriented strand board is internationally referred to as OSB, with renewable fast-growing fresh pine as raw material, formaldehyde free isocyanate (PMDI) as adhesive, made by directional paving, the international advanced continuous hot press molding and other multi-channel real-time online monitoring of advanced technology, is Europe and the United States recognized safe decoration, buildings, furniture made of materials.

              As China’s OSB market pioneer, BNBM Group is committed to the promotion and application of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) in China since the end of the 1990s,in decoration, flooring, furniture, decorative panels, sound-absorbing panels, housing construction and other areas of application a number of research and innovation, has the independent patent more than 10, according to the introduction of the OSB raw materials for the characteristics of the 100% native pine, named "OU SONG board", and in May 2003 successfully obtained SAIC Trademark Office approved China "OU SONG" trademark. Nowadays, BNBM Group has developed into the largest professional OSB supplier in China.

              OU SONG® Board is BNBM Group to join hands with the European EGGER group and the Americas LP group efforts to build, EGGER group and LP group belong to Europe and America's largest OSB manufacturers. Products meet the requirements of EN300-2006, PS2-10, LY/T 1580-2010, GB/T18580-2017, T/CNFPIA 1001-2016 and other related standards.


              Category of the Product

              special specifications can be customized, MOQ 500m3.
              Category Area Standards Classes Application conditions
              Decoration Europe EN 300-2006
              LY/T 1580-2010
              T/CNFPIA 1001-2016
              OSB2 Loading broad/
              Suitable for indoor drying condition
              OSB3 Loading broad/
              Suitable for wet condition
              South America OSB2 Loading broad/
              Suitable for indoor drying condition
              Structure South America PS 2-10
              SHEATHING/EOPOSURE I Cladding broad/
              Short-term exposure in the open or humid environment
              STRCTURAL-I-SHEATHING/EOPOSURE I The structure of cladding broad/
              Short-term exposure in the open or humid environment
              North America STRCTURAL-I-SHEATHING/EXTERIOR The structure of cladding broad/
              Long-term exposure in the open or humid environment

              Characteristic of the Product

              • All 100% imported

                European EGGER group and American LP group brand production,Strict implementation of 3A standards: anytime, anywhere, anypiece Ousong board, promised to meet LY/T1580-2010, EN300-2006, PS2-10 and other related standards requirements.

              • Top environmental protection

                The determination of formaldehyde in the mean of 0.3-0.5mg/100g is equal to 0.003-0.005ppm (formaldehyde, natural wood such as oak formaldehyde release amount is 0.009ppm), far below the E0 level of formaldehyde content in standard 5mg/100g, is the top of the wooden board of environmental protection, is to create a healthy and comfortable space to material.

              • 100% fresh pine raw materials

                100% cut fresh European pine or South American radiata pine for 3 months and use it after peeling.

              • Stable without deformation

                The three layer structure, the core layer is arranged vertically and horizontally alternately, effectively eliminates the internal stress of the wood, and the whole structure is even and stable.

              Examples of Application